Good Dog Sadie

This dog has wiggled her way into our family.  How cute is she?

Sadie is sleeping over at our house while her owners are on vacation. To be clear, we are not dog people.  My daughter, hired to care for the dog, could have been a dog person but we convinced her that dogs are too much effort.  Obviously (just look at that face!), we are evil people; I hope she forgives us someday.   For now, we are dog people.

As a new temporary dog person I can say that living with a dog is like living with a little furry stalker.  “There’s Tina walking over to the couch! She’s fabulous, isn’t she? Rumor has it she might go for a walk. I need her sock.  Can you take our picture?”

My solo journeys around the house have become group excursions.  She follows me everywhere which is adorable, needy, and normal, so I am told.  Apparently, to be followed by Sadie is to be befriended by a creature that perceives neither reward nor consequence from the encounter.  She just wants to be with me…whether I like it or not.

I repay her devoted attention with conversation.  I talk at her everywhere, a dry toast monologue as we move about the house.  Regaled by heroic tales of wash gathering, bill paying, and dinner preparation, she sits by my side, riveted.   Apparently, I’ve grown fond of listening to myself speak.  How cute am I?

As of yesterday Sadie is back with her family so we are without a dog.  My hope is that I miss her only a little bit.


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2 Responses to Good Dog Sadie

  1. Sharp says:

    very cute 😀

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