Carmel Farmers Market: The Hot List

In theory I love to shop at the Carmel Farmers Market.  In reality I love to sleep in on Saturday mornings. Consequently, I am not among the throngs of perky visitors who make it to the market by 8:00 a.m.

I didn’t think I was missing too much by strolling in around 10 but I wasn’t sure. So last week I decided to show up around 8:30 and mine the market for hidden treasure. I asked some vendors to name the item in their booth that usually sells out first. 

These fabulous pretzels from A Taste of Philly are the only offering at the booth. There’s usually a long line to get them and I happen to know they are addictive.

3 in 1 Restaurant’s best seller is the pupusa. Pupusas are made from thick corn tortilla and stuffed with cheese, chicken or pork.

Luscious green beans from Fields Farm are among the first of the produce to disappear.

These little bundles of goodness or rolls from the BrotGarten are a farmers market favorite.

With a little luck and a good night’s sleep, I might just get to the market early enough to add some more best sellers to my list.


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