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Where the Peanut Chews Live

My Peanut Chews addiction started when I was a kid in Philadelphia where every grocery store was my supplier. Confession: I can eat an entire package by myself in under two minutes. Okay, two packages. The Midwest has been my … Continue reading

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A Trio of Onions

I picked these up at the Downtown Evanston Farmers’ Market in Illinois. They looked so gorgeous in the vendor’s stall that I couldn’t bear to leave them behind. There are three kinds of onions here: baby leek, Tropea and spring onion. … Continue reading

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Marinade from the Tiny Garden

There are four pots on the deck each  containing one plant: thyme, black cherry heirloom tomato, green pepper and sweet basil. Some years I dream big –  a vegetable garden  I can walk around in and delight neighbors with when … Continue reading

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Granola the Hard Way

Now, you and I both know that homemade anything always trumps store-bought anything. But when it comes to granola, I’ve been willing to compromise. Granola is something that I don’t make from scratch because it’s easy to purchase a decent … Continue reading

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Love Bites

This is love in the form of cake, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I purchased these dainty and beautiful cake balls from my favorite local coffee house. We are now in an uncomplicated relationship; I love them. As decadent … Continue reading

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Lovable Baked Tofu

Nobody is ever ambivalent about tofu. People either love it or hate it. Tofu Lovers value tofu in the same way they value crossing guards, good oral hygiene, and recycling.  They believe tofu is honorable food. Just ask them. It’s … Continue reading

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Why Are Pine Nuts So Expensive?

Exquisite and delectable, a little bowl of pine nuts is precious. These are pantry diamonds: coveted, expensive, and edible. Pine nuts were always pricey, but not pricey enough to make me alter how I use them…until now. Recently for a … Continue reading

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